This EC Artist From Detroit is Finding Plenty to Be Happy About and is Staying Healthy During The Pandemic.

Things have changed but what we’re seeing is that the majority of our EC community are gaining new skills and growing from this COVID-19 experience. Embrace Creatives is checking in with our global members to find out how they’re spending their @ home time, creating and doing business.

Welcome to Inside Empowerment.

Let’s meet Cheryl Galloway

EC: Give us a brief introduction.
Cheryl: I am a emerging artist from Detroit, MI, I am 50 years young and disabled. Which is how I began drawing as a way to deal with my pain. I create powerful and unique abstract art!

EC: Where in your home do you spend the most time?
Cheryl: My bedroom which is also where I create.

EC: What’s the biggest challenge you face being self-quarantined?
Cheryl: Being quarantined is quite challenging because I spend time with my mom who has dementia. She mostly wants to watch tv and talk. I’ve been creating in the kitchen, cooking more has been making me happy. I’m starting to finish art projects that were left undone. That’s making me feel better, like I’m getting something accomplished.

EC: What’s the best part about being self-quarantined?
Cheryl: I’m spending more time with my mom, I’m on social media more, I’m getting much needed rest, I’m cooking more healthy meals and I am creating more.

EC: Has your artwork or process changed or adapted?
Cheryl: My process for creating is adapting to the current situation. I find myself meditating more and sleeping longer. I am making more of an effort to create something, anything. There it’s art, jewelry or whatever comes to mind.

EC: How have your social media posts changed?
Cheryl: Yes, I’m posting on social media more often. I am mostly posting information about the Covid-19 virus , telling people to stay safe and to wear a mask if they have to go out but I’m mainly telling people to stay in and stay safe! I’m also, posting a lot MORE positive messages and ways to stay occupied during this lockdown.

EC: What’s your favorite online source for studio (art) tools and materials?
Cheryl: Artist Network and YouTube

EC: How are you spending your free time?
Cheryl: I spend my free time reading, watching movies and cooking. I keep bringing up cooking because until now I simply haven’t had time to do it! Cooking makes me happy!

EC: Are you doing something new doing during this challenging time that you will stick with?
Cheryl: I’ve added new supplements and exercises to my daily regimen. So I’m going to stick with this new routine.

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