The Stay-At-Home Life of a Wood Worker and How Being Isolated is Affecting His Technique.

It’s mid May and we’re still figuring out what’s going to happen with our creative lifestyles, art buyers and when our studios will get back into full swing again. Embrace Creatives is checking in with our global members to find out how they’re spending their @ home time, creating and doing business.

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Let’s meet Raymond Flaugher

EC: Give us a brief introduction.
Raymond: Hi, I’m Raymond, most of my work has been made with scraps from carpentry work. Wood turning, picture frames. After getting my BA in Art from Wayne state, I now incorporate oil painting and ceramics. I live in Clinton township, Michigan.

EC: Where in your home do you spend the most time?
Raymond: Garage and basement.

EC: What’s the biggest challenge you face being self-quarantined?
Raymond: Access to a kiln.

EC: What’s the best part about being self-quarantined?
Raymond: I have plenty of time to explore new concepts related to circumstances.

EC: Has your artwork or process changed or adapted?
Raymond: I think it has begun to develop into my own style.

EC: How have your social media posts changed?
Raymond: I post on Instagram more, I like seeing process videos.

EC: How are you spending your free time?
Raymond: With the book, “The private lives of the Impressionists” by Sue Roe

EC: Are you doing something new doing during this challenging time that you will stick with?
Raymond: Well, I start the day cleaning, looking at emails. I prepare food for the family so they can help themselves through out the day. My new, creative technique continues to develop.

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