Women’s Work Gallery opens SURFACE, a solo exhibition by Jessica DeMuro

SURFACE now on view virtually through the Women’s Work Gallery, in Detroit.

This solo exhibition of images was selected from a collection of ongoing self portraiture examining personal evolution in present time. These particular works span over a decade, creating intimate dialogue, exploring both the infiniteness and volatility of transformation.

The flesh of the self continuously stretches, breaking apart and exposing soft vulnerable tissue, finding air for the first time. Raw deconstruction gives way to the ethereal and unseen; the unbridled, overwhelmed, inconsolable, uncontrollable, wild parts. It is this deconstruction that informs the soul, and breathes life into the womb of reconstruction.

Expansion is an endless cycle of self confrontation, reconfiguring pieces into the next formation that will, in turn, be shed. In holding sacred the carnal instinct and unending propensity for evolution, we allow ourselves to embrace the unsavory. This integration is paramount to wholeness, and reverberated in layered cycles of birth, death, and rebirth.

View her exhibit here.

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  1. TEAM EC

    Powerful and vulnerable… “The Rhythym of Succumbing” reflects what a lot of people are feeling right now. Hey, didn’t realize that our EC Business Member, @donnajackson was the Gallery Director – very cool!