Spending time with a Michigan-based, mixed media artist while we’re all cooped up in our homes during COVID-19

It’s a crazy time! We’re self-isolating at home with a full house or empty space. Many of us are figuring out what to do next, where to get toilet paper, when we’re going to be “back to normal” and what the “new normal” will be! So we’re highlighting our EC Community Members to stay connected and find out how they’re spending their @ home time, creating and doing business.

Welcome to Inside Empowerment.

Nancy Unger – Embrace Creatives Champion

EC: Give us a brief introduction.
Nancy: I’m a mixed media artist, based in Metro Detroit.

EC: Where in your home do you spend the most time?
Nancy: All over!

EC: What’s the biggest challenge you face being self-quarantined?
Nancy: Juggling all the people now back in the house.

EC: What’s the best part about being self-quarantined?
Nancy: Time to get organized and to think thru new ideas.

EC: Has your artwork or process changed or adapted?
Nancy: I am playing with new materials and new processes.

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EC: How have your social media posts changed?
Nancy: Not too much but on the list.

EC: What’s your favorite online source for studio (art) tools and materials?

EC: How are you spending your free time?
Nancy: Quantity time with family and prepping for a new vegetable garden.

EC: Are you doing something new doing during this challenging time that you will stick with?
Nancy: Hopefully my new process will stick.

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