Inside Empowerment – at home with Henrik Saar, Denmark artist

Hello community! Are you stir crazy yet? There’s a lot of fear and confusion out there so Embrace Creatives is giving you a little respite with an inside look at our Members and how they spend their time @ home, creating and doing business.

We spotted Henrik Saar creating in his Denmark studio so we asked him how he’s fairing and how isolation is affecting his creativity.

Welcome to Inside Empowerment, EC style.

EC: Give us a brief introduction.
Henrik: “Visual art / painter”

EC: Where in your home do you spend the most time?
Henrik: “My studio.”

EC: What’s the biggest challenge you face being self-quarantined?
Henrik: It has not changed much. (why?)

EC: What’s the best part about being self-quarantined?
Henrik: “I’m even more focused now!”

EC: Has your artwork or process changed or adapted?
Henrik: “There is a very visible common theme. (what is the theme?)

EC: How have your social media posts changed?
Henrik: “The audience have time to watch my posts.”

EC: How are you spending your free time?
Henrik: I work. (work or do art?)

EC: Are you doing something new doing during this challenging time that you will stick with?
Henrik: “No – perhaps posting more than usual on social media. The computer has become a more in fluent tool in my life.”

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