Become a Digital Ambassador to Help Strengthen Your Creative Community.

We know why you’re here on Embrace Creatives. Well, yeah, you want to generate professional relationships and revenue but it’s more than that…It’s because you realize how important it is to expose artists and art-centric business owners to creative empowerment like;

  • skill building education that brings confidence,
  • powerful connections that boost one’s support group, and
  • sales opportunities that one wouldn’t be able to secure on their own.

Artists want MORE than sales, they also crave ways to bring positive change to their art community because they know, first hand that many artists need support.

  • Artists are insular and lack access to peer support.
  • Artists have a difficult time connecting with Commercial Buyers, such as galleries, retail buyers, art reps, and interior designers.
  • The majority of Artists are missing business skills so are ill-equipped to succeed.

Embrace Creative is focused on Creative Empowerment and we’re growing our community in a grassroots way, organically (people telling people) but we can use help.

Being an Embrace Creatives’ Digital Ambassador will allow you to easily uplift and engage your peers through your social media platforms.

Although we welcome everyone to promote our cause, you must be an Embrace Creatives’ Member to become a Digital Ambassador so join us! (it’s free and VERY beneficial to growing your own art business)

How It Works

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