A Simple Tool to Help You Reach Your Goals and Stay Organized All Year Long

/ January 1, 2020

It’s one thing to dream, and we Creatives’ do dream, it’s another thing to move your dreams along to fruition – THAT can be much more difficult. We all have goals, dream, visions of where we want to take our art business but organizing those goals into tasks takes guidance and tools.

We used proven techniques and created a simple document you can download and print out to help you clarify your goals and plan the steps you need to reach them.

We have a few pointers though;

  1. Choose one to three goals, tops.
  2. If the goal is more than 3 months out, make sure you walk backwards and set monthly or weekly tasks.
  3. Have expert you can hire or supporters to work with you to achieve your goals. I will be more difficult to do them alone.
  4. If you seem stuck while working towards your goal, take a good hard look as to WHY you’re struggling. Be realistic and if you need to, put it aside or modify your vision.
  5. CELEBRATE the small steps and especially when you REACH your goal!

Enjoy your [Goal Getting Guide] and share it around!

Oh, for EXTRA OOMPH take advantage of this FREE Clear Visioning + Goal Setting Workshop, courtesy of our Founder, Andrea Bogart. She included a mini-goal guide, goal wheel, tips and more!

Tell us about your goals below and be active in our EC Groups and EC newsfeed to share how you’re succeeding or ask for support. That’s what this community is built for – empowering each other!

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