A Holiday Preparation Checklist for Creative Businesses

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Creative businesses sometimes leave themselves little time to market effectively before Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes along. If you feel you’re behind the eight ball, here’s a few ideas you can use to create brand awareness and find new clients and sales.

With a some planning and detailed strategies you can take advantage of the most robust selling time of the year. From testing a new product or building a targeted, marketing campaign, here’s what creative business owners should know and can use well past the holiday season.

Nurture relationships Both Online and in Person

Connecting with people personally is the best way to gain new clients because when you converse, you learn about them and they trust you. Ask questions on social media when posting and make sure to respond to comments. Secure a trunk show with a retailer so you can meet their clients and sell through their store.

Use social media and your newsletter list to invite customers to any in-store events or retail events you participate in. Use images of your art and you working to highlighting how you plan to celebrate the holiday season.

Keep Your Client’s Attention

Regular emails are a great way to bring awareness to your special Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales or events because they are interested in what you have to say. These people signed up to hear from you so make your message personal. Speak to them and give them an action;

  • Purchase now and save on future purchase
  • Refer a friend for a discount coupon
  • Buy one and get one discounted

Get Testimonials From Your Clients

Consumers like to know what other people thing before they purchase. Asking for testimonials and referrals to place on your social media accounts shows others they can trust you to provide an exceptional product and customer service.

If you’re inclined, send a sample of your work to someone that others look up to in return for their testimonial. Having a well known person’s good words about your art or company builds your brand image.

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Make Sure Your Business is Ready For Increased Holiday Sales

If your marketing campaigns and relationship building is successful you’ll need to be prepared for more work and have an inventory that’s robust.

  • Have extra hands on stand-by to assist in your studio
  • Have your thank you notes ready to send out once things calm down. Your clients will enjoy receiving a letter in January and you can add a special gift for their new year purchase.
  • Update your website and social media accounts, including your Embrace Creatives account. Make sure your address and contact info is correct and that any promotions are prominently displayed. If you accept online payment, test that it’s working properly. Don’t take on a big website project during the holiday season but tweak your site so it’s easy to read and purchase from.

Being prepared well before the holiday sales season isn’t always possible so follow the above strategies to take advantage of the time that’s left and set yourself up for a more prosperous new year.

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