What You Can Learn From a Mature Artist Stepping into the Detroit Art Scene

How to Succeed With Your Art Practice As an Older Artist

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Creative FUEL is a video series that guides small business owners to learn from vibrant and interesting, creative people located around the country. In this video, Andrea Bogart, Founder of Embrace Creatives and her special guest help FUEL your growth! Andrea will:

a.) introduce you to your creative peers

b.) expose you to new small business ideas

c.) teach how to rise above challenges, and more…

In this Creative FUEL interview meet @sueschneider, a sculptor from New York, now living in Metro Detroit. Sue is an older artist who just recently committed to diving back in to the art scene full force even though she truly felt she was too old and no one would give her art a second look. Hear her story, fears and triumphs in this important interview.

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  1. Karen Zuk

    Thank you so much. This was a perfect FUEL for me. I feel the same way…where and how do I fit into the artworld. Difficult to balance full time work as well, and get my butt in the studio. I will probably rewatch. Your work is not only amazing it is super cool Sue! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Patricia Baker

    I can relate to the validation issue. People ask me if I feel I am in competition with others. NO! I am in competition with myself. I am 74 and admit I need validation from others but I am not in competition with anyone. I work with mixed media and seek ideas where I can. I feel sometimes that I am floundering but I can see the progress in my work. I seek help from my artist community. I dislike talking about my work also.