2019 Noel Night Detroit Art & Design Call

Sell your art and design at the Detroit Center for Design & Technology along side other local vendors and businesses!

Be part of Noel Night on December 7th, 2019 with the Detroit Center for Design + Technology and Embrace Creatives! It’s a prime location for Noel Night, the VERY popular, holiday shopping experience as the DCDT Gallery is located along Woodward Avenue at Willis and features large windows overlooking the activities. The DCDT can see as many as 1,000 shopping visitors that night!

The DCDT and their curatorial partner, Embrace Creatives are looking for 2-D Artists and Designers to exhibit on our Woodward Gallery walls. If you have 3D pieces too, like accessories, stationary, or less expensive gift items, that would be great too, but not necessary.  No commission. The money you make, you take! Entry deadline is July 31, 2019.

  • No entry fee for Embrace Creatives’ Members

  • $25 application fee for everyone else


1.) If you’re not logged in, log In to Embrace Creatives and come back to this call.

2.) In the comment section (below), type the name of the EC Portfolio you’d like us to review. The Portfolio can be representational of the work you’ll bring.

3.) To be considered, your EC Portfolio MUST have clear images, retail prices, materials listed and sizes.

Entry deadline is July 31, 2019

For instructions on how to edit your Portfolios click here.

Here is previous DCDT Noel Night PR for your reference;





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    1. TEAM EC

      Yay – happy to hear that! Are you going to apply to this one? And, oh, share this please to remind others to apply for Detroit, holiday stuff!

    1. DCDT Post author

      Wonderful, Debbie! We haven’t checked yet but do your portfolios here on Embrace Creatives have your retail prices included?

  1. Liz Frankland

    I don’t know if my captions are visible, I can’t tell if they saved, but I created a project call Noel Night Detroit Center Design + Tech with examples of my work for this pop-up!

    1. DCDT Post author

      Thank you, Liz! We responded to your private message and appreciate your comment here. We’ll be in touch soon!

    1. DCDT Post author

      Hi Christina – So happy you’re interested! Comment in this post with name(s) of the Embrace Creatives’ Portfolio(s) you’d like us to review. Please make sure each item in your Portfolio has materials and a retail price. We’ll be in touch after we jury the portfolios. ~DCDT

  2. Rawan Ita of Project TheraPaint

    Hello, I would love to be considered as an applicant for Noel Night! The portfolio I would like for you to review is named ‘Alcohol Ink Paintings’. I have stated the required information in the description portion of it. I hope to hear back soon!

    1. DCDT Post author

      Wonderful, thank you! Do you make cards or any other small items from your art as well? (not necessary but just asking)

      Oh and please edit your EC Profile with more information about you and your art- It’s important that we have an all around view of you. Thanks! ~DCDT

  3. Jamie Feldman

    I will be pleased to participate on Noel Night. Selections of the Lighthouses Portfolio will be printed on note cards, scratch pads, etc. Thank you for the opportunity.

    1. DCDT Post author

      Great, Jamie! Can you put together a small portfolio or project here on Embrace Creatives for our review? Thank you.

  4. Laurie Longtin

    I’m interested in joining the Noel Night Holiday Pop-Up Shop. Could you view the Portfolio “Vibration” for consideration or my website at: laurielongtin.com

    1. DCDT Post author

      Hi Laurie – wonderful! Excited to review your portfolio with the team. We’ll be in touch with everyone this month.

  5. Patrick Barber

    I’d love to participate, possibly as an activity/service rather than with products. i am thinking of offering live calligraphy services for gift cards and tags. Might also have some products available with my calligraphy. Thanks for the opportunity!

  6. Claudia Hershman

    Ok I think I was able to complete portfolio…..but have had a lot of trouble with it. I want to know if the images are ok and also if accepted, will I be there with the work? The portfolio to review is called Noel Night entries.

  7. DCDT Post author

    Hi Claudia, we saw your portfolio, thank you! Work is great. Our Noel Night team will be jurying soon and we’ll let everyone know. Yes, all artists/vendors must be on site during Noel Night. We will be reaching out to everyone after Labor Day. Thank you for your interest and we hope to meet you soon!