Meritor Corporation Art Call


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Meritor Corporation has asked Embrace Creatives to be their curator for their employee-only, corporate festival on July 19th in Troy, MI from 11 am – 1pm.

We’re putting the call out for about 15 artists, designers and makers to sell their artwork to a new audience and get in front of executives and employees, alike.

Here is the art call:

Again, we’d prefer 3D and small 2D pieces because Meritor only has 6ft tables for us.  There is no fee to apply. The commission is 30% so you take home 70% of each sale.

If you’re interested in participating, please comment below and we’ll go to your Profile and Gallery to check your work. Make sure your portfolios have sizes, mediums and price points. If not, you won’t be juried in.

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  1. Kenneth Claes

    Say EC’s, Check this out. Kresge Arts “Parallel Visions”, July 12th through August 24, 2019. at the Wasserman Projects Gallery, 3434 Russell Street #502, Detroit Michigan 48207

    1. Jamie Feldman

      I am interested and will put some things together. As for prices, it may vary since I’m thinking of using having different sizes of the same images available.

  2. Helen Keefe

    Hi Andrea,
    Can I be included for Me ritor?

    Is there a template for the portfolio?
    I’m not sure how to set up the pricing within the page. Please refer me to someone for help.