Artist, John Wood: How to Rise Above Self Doubt to Find Your Strengths

Published by TEAM EC

—-Creative FUEL is a video series that guides small business owners to learn from vibrant and interesting, creative people located around the country. In this video, Andrea Bogart, Founder of Embrace Creatives and her special guest help FUEL your growth!

Andrea will;

a.) introduce you to your creative peers
b.) expose you to new small business ideas
c.) teach how to rise above challenges, and more…

In this Creative FUEL interview meet @johnwood, a fine artist working in porcelain who uses poetry as inspiration. John shares how he learned to rise above the limitations placed on artists who work in a particular medium and how to shake off self doubt and self-judgement using his innate bravery, desire for challenges and strength. Look for John’s sensual artwork throughout this interview and watch for a special guest who pops in!

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  1. Paula Marie Deubel

    Very good video. I love how this artist incorporates poetry into his sculpture, very unique! Would love to see more of his pieces! Andrea, I assumed you were an extrovert, as you are so enthused and full of life! People misunderstand me, too, as I’m a highly social INTROVERT!! Makes me feel better about myself hearing this video, especially the pep talks! Thanks for letting us watch this! His sculpture looks beautiful, from what I’ve seen here.