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In our continued effort to bridge the gap between artists and commercial art buyers, Embrace Creatives is giving you an easy way to get your burning questions answered by an experienced, arts professional.

We are beyond honored to have Wayne Northcross, member manager at Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit respond to our Embrace Creatives Artists and Trade Members’ curiosities. With his varied background; fine art; fashion; curating; and editorial writing, he speaks to different types of art practices and business strategies.

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Andrea Bogart, founder/CEO of Embrace Creatives interviewed Wayne to give our EC Members a special reveal into the contemporary art market. If you want to know what Wayne talked about, read the VERY important and inspiring questions listed in the comment sections, below.

Settle in for art industry mysteries revealed and a warm conversation with an arts professional…

About Wayne Northcross: Beginning his education at Wayne State University, he traveled to Miami to study law then moved from Miami to New York to start his creative career. Wayne has an extensive background in writing, fine art curating & consulting as well as fashion editing in New York. In his new position with MOCAD, Wayne works primarily with museum members, especially with New Wave, their young professionals, and with Collectors Circle, MOCAD’s patron group, developing and planning experiences for them such as visits to artists’ studios or travel to national and international art fairs and exhibitions.

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  1. Diane Marie Kramer

    What is the best way to approach an art Gallery or Art Venue s when seeking future exhibit opportunities? Also, How does one Bequeath art- via art institutions- etc..when wanting to donate art after one passes away?

  2. Ron Gage

    Question: “Does your museum offer any sort of local artists exhibits, either for display only or for potential sale? If so, what sort of conditions surround such an exhibit: costs, size limits, medium and so on.”

  3. Steve Miller

    Through your curatorial lens what is interesting and what is passé? What are the most important aspects in the work you are considering, is it the concept, self-expression, community, referencing history, activism, skill, or aesthetic?

  4. michelle y sider

    I am a trained painter and currently “paint” in cut glass. Some refer to this as “glass mosaic” and consider it to be a “craft” rather than fine art simply because of the medium itself. When entering a show I refer to my work as mixed media because mosaics are not listed as a category. What suggestions do you have for marketing to galleries and in exhibits as a fine artists working with a non traditional mediums?

  5. Nancy Unger

    Is there a particular “trend” in contemporary art that is being looked at more? That meaning not only in concept and content but materials used and format.

  6. Jamie Feldman

    How important is the frame of a 2D piece for an exhibition? Should it be kept simple? Is there a significant difference in matte and frame for a home or business vs a museum or art gallery? Is there a different effect on commercial vs private purchasers?