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Meet a Creative Development Advisor

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Creative FUEL is a video series that guides small business owners to learn from vibrant and interesting, creative people from around the country.  In this video, meet Andrea Bogart, Founder of Embrace Creatives and her special guest to help FUEL your growth!  Andrea will;

a.) introduce you to your creative peers
b.) expose you to new small business ideas
c.) teach how to rise above challenges, and more…

In this Creative FUEL interview meet Mark Zegans, a creative development advisor and poet living in California. Learn about his Typewriter Underground and hear what expert advice he gives his clients and learn what he and Andrea say about mature artists who want to return or enter the art industry.

*about Marc: As a creative development advisor, I’ve spent more than twenty years helping individuals, arts organizations and creatively driven enterprises successfully follow their muse. I work with artists charting next steps, writers moving through blocks, creative organizations in transition, musicians seeking sustainable income, artists planning their creative legacies, business owners craving a more rewarding work life, and many others.

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    1. TEAM EC Post author

      Ugh, Technology… Its almost better if the visuals lag than if the audio breaks up. Not much we can do about the video but we’ll work on doing a print interview with Marc. 🙂