What do you stand for?

Journaling this morning (in bed because I felt too lazy to leave it) I flipped through the pages, backwards to see where I’ve “been” and I landed on a spot (from 2017) where I jotted down my mission. Well… it was actually a laundry list of how I want to empower Artists;

  • connecting them to their “value”, their greatness
  • moving them out of the “scarcity” mindset
  • increasing their confidence
  • helping them to network with others to strengthen our creative industry
  • educating them via business skills
  • asking them to be vulnerable and mindful
  • getting them to commit to their creative community as a whole
  • making sure artists who go through my education are able to use the instructions to grow
  • really bonding the creative community so that strong, cooperative connections are made
  • asking questions of artists – getting then involved in the process, rather than just handing things to them

Reading through them it seems as if I’ve stayed true to every single one… Kinda cool and happy I wrote these down. Do you journal and how does it help you? (does it?)

Empower Others


  1. James Boyk

    It looks like a Business Charter. I haven’t journal my art work but i see that it would help. I wish my education had instilled the practice many years ago. It would had helped in many ways.

    1. TEAM EC

      Hmmm… could be a Business Charter. Journaling is helpful and can be what ever form you want it to take, text and images,just images, like vision boards…