Keeping Your Holiday Energy Going Into the New Year

3 Ideas to Keep Your Holiday Successes Flowing

—Phew! The holiday sales season is over!  It was busy, right?  Meeting new clients, wrapping and shipping art and making money! After the celebrations end and you’ve rested, it’s back to working on your creative business!  Use the start of the new year to continue the art sales momentum.  Here’s some proven tools to bring your 2018 successes into 2019!

1. Send your holiday clients a warm follow up inviting them back to view more.

The biggest mistake you can make, after a sale is to assume that your clients will search you out and re-order on their own. It’s imperative that you reach out to everyone who purchased your artwork or designs. A simple email or traditional, tangible “thank you” postcard with a link to your Embrace Creatives gallery or website is a good way to continue the conversation. Try offering a special discount to increase sales during this slow time of year because some clients may have returned a few holiday gifts and have some extra cash.

2. Bring long lost clients back and excite them with things to come!

There may be some clients who haven’t purchased in a while.  They need a different message but still sent with warmth and a “how can I help you?” mentality. You should have an every-changing list of new, current and “silent” customers so grab the “silent” list and send a re-engagement email or postcard.  It can be a Happy New Year wish along with what’s been happening in your creative business since and what’s coming up in 2019. Make sure to add a few images along with current client testimonials to show them that you’re growing your client base and making more people happy. You can also send these “silent” clients a “welcome back” discount on their next order to wet their whistle.

3. Plan, plan, plan.

it’s a slower time of year for retailers so go ahead and contact them about setting up mid-year sales events in their store or finding out what they’d need from you for future orders. If you only sell retail, pull out your calendar and find dates to host sales events or look for upcoming opportunities – Some fairs and festivals begin accepting applications this month. And if you create artwork or a product that’s suited for Valentine’s Day (February 14th), well, you should be discovering new sales ideas and setting up the details because you’ll have to begin promoting by the 24th of January.


Personalize your message to make them feel special. Include their name, the last item they ordered or anything you’ve jotted down about them so they feel that your email or postcard is meant just for them rather than a mass mailing.

Even if you don’t make “resolutions”, please look backward to look forward. Take stock in what worked and what didn’t last year so you don’t repeat mistakes. Oh, and don’t forget to continue to honor yourself with rest and adventure, like our Embrace Creatives Mix With a Maker, pop-up exhibit in Detroit and virtual or our other events!

How do YOU keep your good vibes flowing into the new year?




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