Embrace Creatives Roadmap: From the beginning…


People always ask me how I came up with EC and the steps I took to get where I am.  Someone actually suggested that I “draw a map, a roadmap” so others can see how Embrace Creatives came to life. Oh, and although I’m the person who came up with the idea to connect artists and businesses in a community space, and build an empowerment movement for creatives, many people graciously advised me and answered my constant questions (and still do). Thank you to all of my friends and colleagues. You know who you are. ?

Okay, here we go!

Empower Others


  1. James Boyk


    I do appreciate that you have done this for the artist community. It made me believe there is hope for artists out there. Hearing about the journey does inform about making a decision and following through. Seeking help when needed and applying that help constructively. I have been encouraged by your efforts and now i just need to follow through what has been started back in 1980. I do know a lot of stuff. Information is worthless until you pass it along to another human being. Keep up the good work and thank you again!

    1. Andrea Bogart Post author

      James, thank you so much for your comment – it mean a lot to me. I’m fortunately, or unfortunately very transparent, open and honest and well, because my goal is to help others build relationships and move them forward in their art business, sharing my path (failures and successes) is imperative. My wish is for Embrace Creatives to BE the help that artists need. You are SO good at sharing information and I’m grateful that you share with us!

  2. Karen Zuk

    Andrea, so grateful for this site and for the new connections I have made. Your vision has been a great help to me. I especially have loved the feedback meetings and the meet the maker events. Keep moving forward with your dream! (I would sing a very uplifting song here, but I am not a singer….)

    1. Andrea Bogart Post author

      <3 you and SO GRATEFUL for you, Karen. We're going to keep moving forward in 2019 with your help and ideas! Lots of cool things on the horizon and I plan on failing small to that we can expand with confidence and strength.

      You may not be a singer but you're surely an Artist! *loving your new pieces… so happy you're experimenting and opening yourself up to new creative visions.