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Embrace Creatives’ mission is to build an EMPOWERMENT MOVEMENT. We want artists to find their personal a professional value and profit from their passion.  But we ALSO want to guide you to your BEST business so when you receive incredible opportunities to grow, you’re prepared.

Commercial art buyers and collectors want to work with artists that are not only talented but professional and understand business matters so we provide you with a full (and growing) list of our blog articles by TEAM EC, Founder, Andrea Bogart, Detroit Art & Business Institute, our Empower Partners, guest experts and more…

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From Embrace Creatives’ Founder, Andrea Bogart


Embrace Creatives’ Road Map: From the Beginning… (most popular)

What do you stand for?

Find the doers


Value Propositions

Using Dying Leaves as a Learning Tool

This one word will set you free

Finding True Abundance As An Artist

EC Art Calls & Exhibitions

ART CALL – March 2019 – WARMTH

Building a Professional Art Practice

Your Guideline for Developing a Full and Fabulous Artist Statement

Building a Comprehensive Digital Portfolio on Embrace Creatives to Reach More Buyers

Building an Engaging Artist Biography for your Embrace Creatives’ Profile

Crafting a Full and Memorable Artist CV

Creative FUEL / Interviews

Flying Solo: Learn From a Freelance, Veteran Illustrator Skilled in Various Media and Design Skills

How to Go Back into Art Successfully as a Mature Artist

How a Former Journalist Empowers Millennials As a Startup Founder


Retail Store Owner Shares Tips That Artists Can Use to Sell More Work

Detroit, Small Business Shares How to Reach Abundance After Losing Everything

Small Business Expert Helps Artists Speak to Buyers, Effectively

EC Events & Contests

“Do Stuff” Contest Final Results

Feedback Forum – August 2018

Mix With a Maker – August 2018

Mix With a Maker – July 2018

EC Think Tanks

Think Tank: Approaching Opportunities (How to work with galleries, buyers and sales reps)

Think Tank: Creative Taxes (How to set yourself up for a less stressful tax season)

Think Tank: Social Media for Artists

Think Tank: Clients (Who are you BEST clients and how do you find them?)

Think Tank Creative Documentation: Take Better Images of Your Artwork For Greater Marketing and Sales

Social Media/Marketing

Tips an Artist Needs to Know to Prepare for Private Collectors

Online Art Trade Findings and Social Media Trends in 2018

Easily Set Your Art Business up on Social Media to Reach More Buyers! Here’s How.

Your Best Art Business

5 Ideas for a Successful Art Business

WordPress Blogging for Artists and Creative Business Owners

Keeping Your Holiday Energy Going Into the New Year

Art Gallery Representation Basics

Designing a Better Email for Professional Art Business Relationships

(GUEST POST) Preparing Your Creative Business for Impressive Holiday Sales

(GUEST POST) 10 Ways Creatives Can Get Involved in Their Community

Ask a Creative Business Advisor: How Much Commission Do Galleries Deserve?

(GUEST POST) Building Community Relationships Expands Your Art Practice

Supreme Court Rules States Can Collect Sales Tax From Online Retailers: How Will This Affect Your Art Business?  

Finding True Abundance as an Artist


(GUEST POST) Why Creative Businesses Need Insurance

Empower Others