Rejected, again.

Kind of a big one this time. Felt like a gut punch. Depression inducing.

A life well lived includes acceptances and rejections so it’s important to stay focused on the bigger picture and honor yourself when you receive both good news and bad. How did I handle this last rejection?

1. I pushed down the desire to shoot off an immediate, response email because I was filled with powerful emotions.

2. I moved the candy bowl closer.

3. I reached out to my supporter(s) to “talk” through it.

4. I dove back into my current responsibilities that will allow me to empower more Artists because, ultimately that’s my life’s mission.

5. After I calmed down, I emailed the person to ask, “WHAT HAPPENED?!’

I plan on being rejected A LOT more because I’m opening myself up to an abundance of opportunities and even though they’ve been thoroughly researched in order to reduce the risk, I can’t imagine that every single thing i want will come my way.  And that’s the ultimate plan so I’ll keep focused on what I’m grateful for and what’s working, now.

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    1. Andrea Bogart Post author

      Yeah, but honestly, I got through it and have moved on… SO much so, in fact that I had to think for a minute about which experience this was! Lol! That’s a good thing…