“Do stuff” Contest FINAL RANKINGS

Embrace Creatives Engagement Contest FINAL

Thank you ALL for doing stuff inside Embrace Creatives during the month of October! Because we’re a very new, growing and always learning professional network, our goal last month was to increase engagement and relationship building within our community and we did it! We got more users, more page views and more time/page than in September! More importantly, we’re hearing of successes using our platform so we hope you continue to come back to meet new professionals and increase your ability to make money from your passion. ~Andrea Bogart and TEAM EC

TOP EC “do stuff” Contest Ranking

Are YOU in the top contest ranking?

Above are the EC Members who “did stuff” and reached 100 points or more and below, you’ll find the 50 – 99 range!

EC Members who earned from 50 – 99 points.

Is your name on either list? If so, you can choose a prize!

What did your EC Member peer pick with their past points?

?Lacy Draper chose artwork worth $500 and a free entry into the Anton Art Center’s 2019 Michigan Annual exhibit!

?Aleksandra picked a free copyright protection consultation and a discount on private business coaching.

?Callie Hoskins chose a Holiday Sales Tool Kit & Checklist download.

?Anton Art Center used their points for 50% off an Art Call transaction.


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