Value Propositions

See through your client’s eyes.

There’s a term in entrepreneurship building called “value propositions.”

It’s a super scary, businessee word that REALLY means “Here’s why my art is worth the price I’ve attached to it.” Break the term apart and you see that you’re proposing ways your art is valuable to others. However, many artists assume that the way THEY see their amazing, need-to-own work is the exact way others see it.  It’s not.

Too often we see our creations with our OWN eyes, alone, instead of ALSO with the eyes of the people we’re trying to attract. And from those confines we speak in an egotistical way that doesn’t engage or excite our listener because it’s not connective. You know your techniques, your tools, and the passion behind each and every work but sharing your value isn’t all about you.

Better, I think, to express your worth by also knowing what value others are looking for.


Empower Others