Using Dying Leaves as a Learning Tool

Using dying leaves as a learning tool.

Driving with my husband to my parent’s house I breathed deeply and slowly melted away from my very, busy day. Taking in suburbia I noticed the environment and re-fell in love with the Fall.  More specifically the turning leaves.

The jewel colors playing off of one another made my brain buzz and soul sing. Sunlight illuminated through them, sparkled and expanded their warmth. It’s a shame we’re only allowed this visual experience once-a-year.

Deeply in awe of the splendor, it suddenly dawned on me; They’re dying.

What a special gift they give us, in their demise. Bringing this back to Embrace Creatives, and you, dear reader, we can say that our business experiences a type of “death” quite often.

  • We set aside a failed piece of art to re-use.

  • A collaborative partnership goes sour or sputters to a halt.

  • A sales opportunity is snatched from us or fizzles out.

Just as trees are at peace with the evolution of the seasons and their own growth cycle, so should you become at peace with painful experiences. Turn your own failures into beauty.

How? Learn from them.

When something in your business (or life) fails, sit down with the experience and remove its goodness. What did you learn? Who did you meet that can possibly expand your professional life? How can you succeed with a similar situation in the future?

Name a business challenge that you were able to learn from.

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