Artist & Buyer Professional Networking Event in Detroit

Published by TEAM EC

We had a GREAT time networking with artists and buyers at Galerie Camille in Detroit this past August! Our 2nd Mix With a Maker was a HUGE success! Thanks to Blick Detroit for donating 5 easels to our event and the fabulous raffle package (below).

Two artists next door heard the commotion HAPPENED to have their artwork with them and followed an EC Member to our event and a new, Grosse Pointe store owner saw our event online and came buy to find new talent!

We’ve condensed the 1.5 hour event down to about 12 minutes to share the vibrant conversations, gorgeous artwork and we even captured two MicroTalks before our battery died!

Want to network with your peers and connect with Buyers?  ENROLL FREE and join us!

Our raffle prize worth approx. $75 courtesy of Blick Detroit

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