Think Tank: Social Media for Artists

Embrace Creatives Think Tank – Let’s Talk: Social Media for Artists

From Detroit, MI & livestream, here is a social media deep dive for creative business owners. In this 3-video Think Tank, Andrea Rosenfeld, Founder/CEO of Embrace Creatives and Detroit Art & Business Institute, and her guest experts discuss an array of aspects that can help you better understand how to use social media more effectively. Each video is approximately 20 minutes long.

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  1. Diane Marie Kramer

    enjoying video. I think there is another site that works for artists… “flickr” i have had an account for years. To share art…or photography. Can not sell on it but can link to your webpage, on profile page….
    I have met Many lovely artists, and have even been invited to galleries both in state and out of state. It has been a very good relationship building site.

    1. TEAM EC Post author

      Thank you for the information, Diane. I think that Flickr is mentioned in the videos above as it’s a good site for visual artists to show work