Building a Comprehensive Digital Portfolio on Embrace Creatives to Reach More Buyers

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We are SO excited to watch you all uploading portfolios in your galleries…What we WANT is for the Commercial Art Buyers on our site, who are searching for new talent, to get as much detail as possible from your gallery so we’ve written a tutorial on how to build a comprehensive digital portfolio.

It’s important that your portfolio includes images that work together. You want a body of work, not a jumble of work. Your portfolio should be more than one image but less than twenty and the viewer should be able to grasp the correlation between the pieces. If you have more than twenty images, break the work up into a few different portfolios because it can be confusing and frustrating, as a buyer to scroll past dozens of images with no end in sight.

Think like a collector/buyer. How would YOU want to be introduced to your artwork? What story would you read and how much time will you give each Portfolio?

Portfolios are perfect for fine artists as well as designers who need a place to showcase their Look Books or Line Sheets.

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FirstPortfolio Title. Make sure that you name each Portfolio specific to the work inside or your business. If you name it “Artwork” or “Sketches” or “Jewelry”, it will be harder for Google to find you.  We suggest a Title like, “Jane Doe – Pastel Foliage” or “Brian Cranston – Minimalistic Silver Jewelry with Labradorite Cabochons”. Pretend someone you don’t know is searching for your portfolio using keywords.. what words would they type in to find it?

SecondDescription. This is where you talk about the “why” of your Portfolio.  You can pull a sentence or two from your Artist Statement if you’ve written one on the series of this work.  Need help writing an Artist Statement? Click here.

ThirdImages. Well, yeah, you have those but make sure that your file size is right for digital viewing.  You don’t need a hi resolution image like when you print and our site is right-click protected so no one can take your images but keeping your images lo resolution is always the best practice. We suggest the size specifications: Largest dimension 1000px wide at 72dpi in .jpg format72 dpi. You can also add Video in this section so GO WILD!

FourthImage Description. Here is where you can add specific information that Commercial Art Buyers need; size, medium and price point.  Instead of labeling each and every image, if you’d like, place a price sheet as a separate image inside your Portfolio but make sure it’s easy-to-read.

FifthCover Photo. You’ll want to upload a Cover Image so that we ALL see your Portfolio in the Newsfeed.  Without a Cover Image, your Portfolio won’t get the attention it deserves. You can use an image that you entered into the Portfolio, itself or use a different image just note that whatever you choose for the cover it WON’T end up inside the Portfolio itself.

SixthTags.  You’ll want to add tags or keywords to your Portfolio to help it be found within our Embrace Creatives’ SEARCH area as well as search engines like Google. Think Instagram hashtags… What would you use there to tag your posts? Here are some of our favorite tags you can choose from;

sketch, painting, drawing, sketchbook, paint, pencil, contemporary art, pen and ink, watercolor, illustrator, graphic, fine art, abstract, digital art, drawings, color, sketching, pottery, ceramics, ceramic, clay, stone ware, wheel thrown, porcelain, ceramic art, glaze, vase, still_life, contemporary ceramics, tableware, stationary love, crafts woman, creativity found, craft, soap maker, glassblowing, fiber art, wood craft, artistry, handmade pottery, pottery studio, ceramic studio, contemporary ceramics, wearable art, contemporary jewelry, jewelry designer, handmade jewelry, silversmithing, gemstones jewelry, accessories, beadshop, glass beads, fashion design, silversmith, accessory designer, unique bag, leatherworks, handmade leather, photography, graphic arts, graphics, furniture maker, furniture design, interior designers, leather goods, handcrafted jewelry, handcrafted clothing, bamboo accessories… DO YOU HAVE GOOD TAGS? LIST THEM IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!

SeventhVisibility or Who Sees It? We’ve given you choices as to who can view your Portfolio.

*Public = everyone in the world.

*All EC Members = Everyone enrolled in Embrace Creatives whether you’re connected or not but no one OUTSIDE of EC.

*My Connections = Only your Embrace Creative connections, no one else.

*Only Me = You-only.

You can set this option while your Portfolio is in Draft-mode and change it to Public when it’s done.  We suggest setting all Portfolios as Public.

Eight and lastDiscussion. If you want people to be able to comment on your Portfolio, click this button.

And you can edit ANY Portfolio or Project at any time so don’t worry if you didn’t do everything above the first time. Alright, that’s it! We hope this helps your artwork be found by our EC Buyers ’cause our goal is to help you generate revenue!!!

Do you have suggestions for building a Portfolio?  What mistakes have you made?  Share and comment below to support your peers.

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