From Embrace Creatives’ Founder

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Welcome to my big vision!

My name is Andrea Bogart, Founder of Embrace Creatives and I’m THRILLED you’re here inside my professional artist network.

Growing up in the 80’s I would periodically see wacky, Reeses Peanut Butter Cup commercials where, in some stupid fashion, someone holding a bar of chocolate and someone holding jar of peanut butter would accidentally smack into one another, and BAM, they’d form a union of chocolatey-peanutbuttery goodnes.

Well, Embrace Creatives is MY union of goodness.

My “ah hah” moment.

As a long-time, artist and art business coach two patterns continued to repeat themselves:

  • Commercial art buyers requested ntroductions to new, professional artists
  • my artist clients had trouble compiling a strong gallery, retail and rep list

They BELONGED together but couldn’t figure out an easy way to find one another (unless they entered exhausting and expensive wholesale trade shows).

You’d think that with the advent of the internet, the path to discovery would widen but if you’ve ever tried to look for, say “ceramic artists in Pittsburgh” or “Denver art sales reps” you’d come up with a VERY short list.

It was around 2015 when yet ANOTHER gallery asked me to find them artists that the proverbial light bulb went off and I FINALLY put my chocolate and peanut butter together.

Hell,” I thought… “I know there’s a need out there and I’m already connecting artists with businesses so let’s GO BIG!”

So I dove head-first into the unknown and began mapping out an innovative business network to unite professional artists and commercial art buyers: Embrace Creatives

During the two years spent creating EC I embarked upon an amazing adventure, devouring new knowledge and learning strange tech language.

But honestly, EC isn’t just a new path for me, it’s also a big responsibility because at its core, EC’s mission is to uplift and empower people.

A lot of people.

Millions of people.

That’s huge.

And scary… because although as a creative business coach, I guide hundreds of Artists to make money from their passion, expanding my advocacy, virtually to a vast audience is not something I’ve experienced before.

However, there’s two things I know EXCEPTIONALLY well;

  • Artists and Commercial Buyers struggle to find each other, easily.
  • Artists deserve to prosper and be respected in our society.

Those two statements are Embrace Creatives, pure and simple. I commit to solving them, listening to you carefully & faithfully, and providing you with exceptional value.

Embrace Creatives will grow when YOU grow and my vision to inspire my creative community will be successful.

Embrace Creatives wouldn’t be open to you today without my colleagues, friends and advisors (you know who you are), beta testers and early adopters.

My biggest gratitude is for my life partner and best friend, Dave Bogart who, every single day, expresses his belief in me and love for me.

And I thank YOU for joining me on this empowerment journey and look forward to seeing you engage on our website, share your work and ideas, discuss challenges, create collaborations, support each other, make money and work together to boost our art community into prosperity.

To your creative business success,

Andrea Bogart
Embrace Creatives, LLC
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Oh and if you want a taste of what we suffered through in the 80’s here ya’ go:

Empower Others