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15 Affordable & Artsy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for 2024

January 28, 2024

If your love language isn’t “gift giving”, you may be struggling to find a meaningful and special present for Valentine’s Day. To help you present something brilliant that will make their heart sing but won’t break the bank — to help you, I’ve curated 15 handmade options less than $225.

And you know what’s great about giving a gift made by a local artist? Not only are you presenting your 💜 with a piece of art they’ll cherish for years, they also get the unique 📖 story of the artwork and artist who crafted it!



Detroit Landscape Lumbar Pillow

25″H × 15″W × 7″D

Belgian Linen

Bring the history of Detroit home!

Hand printed linen showcasing 10 of Detroit’s most notable landmarks. GM Renaissance Center • One Detroit Center • Ford Field • Christ Church Detroit • City Hall • Penobscot Building • Motown Museum • 150 W. Jefferson • One Woodward Avenue • Comerica Park



16″H × 20″W

Acrylic on canvas

The joy in this painting is spoken using the softly colored shapes ranging from pink to grey and the sharp, bright strokes playfully connecting one shape to the next.

People Watching – Hope

8″H × 8″W

Photography. Acrylic print.

All of the images in the “People watching” project explore the gap between my experience of people around me and its photographic representation by reducing them to shapes and edges.

At Times her Curlers weighed her Down

12.75″H × 4″W × 4.25″D

Paint, wood, repurposed plastic & metal objects

This small tongue-in-cheek sculpture is part of the trophy series. A color explosion, comprised of myriad repurposed pieces.

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Play and Wonder Studies: Yellow #1

7″H × 10″W × 0.12″D

Oil on paper

Yellow is the color of happiness. It’s used to promote joy and warm feelings. Like holding sunshine, these little studies are full of positive energy symbolizing my appreciation and genuine delight in sharing these playful moments of color, material and movement.



8″H × 8″W × 1″D

Paper, cotton and synthetic fabric on linen

A mandala often represents wholeness, or the universe, and the hand stitching process used to create this artwork is an active meditation, creating a calm and peaceful image. All materials are chosen for their color and texture to create a balanced composition.


 20″H × 20″W × 0.1″D

Digital Print, archival pigment inks on museum quality, matte fine art paper.

In the Morphology series I am exploring the nature of transition and change through the medium of color and form. The limited palettes and simple forms of this series are an invitation to consider the nature of change. To embrace its inevitability and power and even learn to love and appreciate its many stages.

Wall Flowers VI

  16″H × 14″W × 2″D

Watercolor, mica, India ink on paper. Framed.

Wall Flowers VI is part of a series a miniature watercolor floral painting with pen and ink touches of blue wildflowers hints of statice, and ferns against a vintage wall paper inspired background.

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Raku on bonfire

10″H × 8″W × 8″D

Recycled steel with natural iron oxide patina and hand-built ceramics

This ceramic and metal sculpture is reminiscent of a powerful and bright volcano.

Lil Susie Q

16″H × 12″W × 1.5″D

Acrylic paint on bristol paper. Available in a birch, white or black frame

Lil Susie Q is a tribute to a sweet lady in Minnesota.


10″H × 8″W × 1.5″D

Acrylic, pastel and spray paint on gallery wrapped frame

I include domestic textiles from my Grandmother’s generation that root the work in the past but I combine them with the language of paint and abstraction in a modern way. Bold color and heavily applied paint juxtaposes ripped, faded and torn fabric. The work serves as an investigation of knowing, of rooting, of finding – myself, my memories, my mother, aunts and grandmothers.

Rio Grande River Gorge, New Mexico

24″H × 20″W

Archival Pigment (Giclee) Print on Canson Platine Fiber Rag paper.

Through careful alterations to color and texture, I aim to create a sense of otherworldliness that encourage the viewer to question their interpretation of the place depicted. Ultimately, my aim is to prompt reflection on our relationship with the environment and encourage greater appreciation of the delicate balance between humanity and the natural world.

Meditation 31

14″H × 11″W × 0.25″D

Watercolor, acrylic and ink on watercolor paper.

In the unexpected-ness of 2020, I started a series of watercolors to create some space for joy and play. And little did I know it, for some surprises – what came out was a visual representation of my experiences during meditation. When I create and meditate I feel free, alive and myself. I think we can all resonate with how those feelings are everything. And I hope these pieces evoke that in the viewer.